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What I Do

I am a freelance graphic designer operating out of Michiana, ready to tackle your project!

I became involved in independently contracted graphic design when I was asked to work on projects for small-scale political organizations, church groups, and private people because, frankly, I was young and knew how to deal with these new-fangled computer devices. That said, it has worked out well for me and kept me busy when going through times when there wasn't much else I could be doing, and I am wanting to expand my services and learn new things.


I am self-taught; while I did very well in school, academia is not my thing and I have not attended college. As a result, I have learned to acquire knowledge and solve problems very effectively on my own and will never stop and feel I have learned all there is to know. While a more conventionally-educated graphic designer may know how to do some specific thing you ask right away, if I take it on I can learn to do it, and will do so quickly.


As a freelancer I can afford to be cheaper than big firms. However, this does come at the cost of not having all the equipment, software, paid stock packages and other resources they have access to. That means that I am used to relying primarily on free and low cost components and I will always seek out a low-cost solution to your needs.


Like I said, I started out doing this for little local groups, so I know what a budget is. I enjoy the work, I look forward to opportunities to learn and explore new things, and I hope you will consider me for your needs.

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